January 20, 2012

Fun Photos

In the past I've had family members push for me to post more pictures. Even my own wife has critiqued me many times, saying "People just want to see pictures." Well I'm trying to get better, by posting more pictures at the end of our posts. And I'm going all out with a post that is all pictures. Here you go. Now please get off my back, just kidding.

funny kid about to hit another kid
"Sammie fell asleep on the couch in his spider man PJs. It didn't take long for Caleb to make his way over to start pestering him."

kid learning to crochet
"Sydney learning to crochet. She wants to make a blanket for her animals."

mound of bread for grilled cheeses
"This imposing mound of bread is us preparing to make grilled cheeses for the kids."

kids looking tough
"Watchya know bout lookin fierce?"

kid eating food and sleeping
"When lunch-time morphs into nap-time."

kid looking cute
"That's me being beautiful." -Sydney

kid playing drums
"Aubrey playing miniature drums."

kids playing a game
"Lily and Ellie playing around."

boy going to Narnia
"This is our snack drawer. Caleb was either trying to steal a snack or thought this drawer would lead to Narnia. Either way... he was wrong."

boy leaving Narnia with a snack
"Never mind, I was wrong. He did come out with a snack."

boys playing together
"The boys playing together."

Hope you enjoyed.

Much Love,
the petersons

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Merel Pyhala20.1.12

    It is so cool what you guys are doing! You have a beautiful big family. Love you guys!

  2. Thanks Merel! It's a lot of fun having a big family. So glad that you guys got to come see us last year. Enjoy your little one!