January 24, 2012

Our first week of the Chinese New Year

So about a week ago we started our vacation for the Chinese New Year. Usually the first couple weeks of this vacation are relaxing and nice; then the lack of routine sets in and it can become difficult. Luckily we’re still in the first week.

A few nights ago we had a wonderful encouragement in the form of another family here in Xian coming over to our house. Earlier in the week they called to ask if they could bring us dinner Thursday night and we gladly accepted. The food, fellowship and prayer were all warmly received. Thanks guys! Tomorrow there’s a group of people that are staying in Xian for a couple weeks and they want to come over to help with the kids. Also a friend of ours here loaned us his camera… like a really nice camera. Its things like this that have been really encouraging to Heather and I lately. We’re not alone. There are others who love and care for us and most importantly, He is with us.

For the past week or so we’ve also had a friend staying with us, Natasha. It’s been good to have her around and the kids all love her. They, as in, Natasha, Sydney, Lily, Aubrey and Ellie, have performed “Father Abraham” and “Making melodies in my heart” a handful of times, which they all love. A couple days ago Natasha left to visit her friend’s hometown (in another city of China.)

The Chinese celebrated their New Year a couple nights ago. It was insane, as always. Our family sat in the bay window of the boy’s room and watched the fireworks dance across the sky.

Annnnnnnddddd… our little boy Caleb has finally started to walk on his own! For months now he has been able to walk along couches and walls, always with a hand on them for balance. But this week he’s been taking little trips across the room without the assurance of something solid next to him. (He may have walked sooner, but I’m told my methods of encouragement my not have been helpful. I would shout the lyrics to “Eye of the Tiger” and try to force Caleb to walk on his own… just kidding. I don’t even know the lyrics to “Eye of the Tiger”.)

Here are some fun things from the kids:

Sammie continues to sabotage Caleb’s confidence; this time he hide Caleb's favorite blanket in the girl’s toy stove… And Sammie continues to call Caleb “little sister” in Chinese.

Every time I give Sammie his HIV medicine he says “good boy” (in English). It’s really cute.

One moment that put a smile on my face was this. Lily and Sydney were sitting at the dinner table and Lily referred to Heather as her mom (which is normal), and then Sydney quickly corrected her by saying “our mom”.

Much love,
the petersons

kids on a walk outside with our friend
"Ellie and Sammie out with our friend Yamid."

little kid

little kid

our little boy and a photo by our big girl
"Sydney our little photographer snapped this one."

boy looking like an old man
"I have a feeling that Caleb will look a lot like this again in 80 years."


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