February 21, 2012

Doctors and Chinese Nuns

Doctors and Chinese Nuns, quite the group, right?  These are the visitors our house has seen in the past week.  This is how it went.

Earlier in the week our friend Dr. Sam came over to do a check up with all of our foster children.  With him he brought four students who are training to be doctors.  Our girls love having guests at our house.  Basically it means extra people to climb on and ask questions to, which this group of doctors graciously allowed.

On Saturday our friend Dr. Julie stopped by and with her she brought a friend of hers who’s researching foster care and HIV.  At some point her research could turn into a book and here she was, in our home, interviewing Heather and I.  It was a little intimidating to have someone asking you questions and recording it, but she was super friendly and encouraging.

And yesterday (Monday) we had two Chinese nuns stop by our house with our friend Dr. Sam.  It was pretty incredible meeting the two of them.  They work with people infected with HIV in another part of China and were here getting further training.  All our kids loved them.  It was cool to show them the love and joy that those who are HIV+ can experience; that being HIV+ is not a death sentence.  I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t come wearing the traditional Nun outfit, but I will get over it.

In addition to all that craziness Heather and I also squeezed in a special date the other night.  Dr. Sam and Dr. Julie (The Vidlers) stayed the night at our house with our kids so that Heather and I could have a one night getaway.  So we rented a hotel room downtown and spent the evening away from the madness.  It was incredibly fun and relaxing… also, much overdue since the past two anniversaries we spent at Subway and because we never really do anything for Valentine’s Day.  Thanks Sam and Julie!

Onto what our next week will look like.  Heather is actually going to Beijing with a friend to attend a Women’s Conference.  And yes.  That does mean that, I, Matt, will be managing our home of six on my own.  Tomorrow I will be posting 20 questions I'm asking in light of Heather being gone for the next five days.  Make sure to drop in and check them out.

much love,
the petersons


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