February 22, 2012

20 Questions

20 questions I’m pondering with my wife being in Beijing for the next five days:

1. What are the long-term consequences (and benefits) of an all grilled cheese diet for five days?
2. Can I land on hoarders after only five days of not cleaning the house, washing the dishes and not doing laundry?
3. What’s the Guinness book of world records record for largest blanket fort? 
4. And do I need to borrow some blankets from Mr. Gao from across the hallway to beat that record?
5. How many nights should we pull our mattresses into the living room to have a sleep over movie night?
6. What outfit will look best on me for five days straight?
7. When was the last time I went five days without a shower?  I’m due for another fiver.
8. Are the kids too young for a Star Wars marathon?
9. Can I dread my hair on my own in five days?
10. Two words; Handlebar and moustache?
11. Is five days enough time to teach Sammie to say “Go Vikings!” and “I hate the Packers!”?
12. Can I teach Sydney how to play Madden football in five days?
13. Will my neighbors and friends give me looks if my kids go to school  in their pajamas?
14. Will I make it to anything on-time without Heather?
15. Who will I talk to if I’m feeling down?
16. What are the lyrics to “Jesus loves me this I know” in Chinese?
17. Is it 3 or 4 layers that Heather puts on the kids?
18. If my kids get sick how will I comfort them like she does?
19. How will I survive without her?
20. Is my wife having a good time?

I love my wife.  The kids and I will miss her terribly.

What question was your favorite?

much love,
the petersons


  1. I think the Star Wars marathon is a great idea! You could combine it with a dress-up party and all come in character. Sydney could be princess Leia, Sammy could be Luke, Caleb could be Yoda (with the assistance of green pain and fake ears) etc. etc. and after five days of no showering, a handlebar moustache, and dreadlocked hair Mat would make an excellent Chewbacca!
    Blessings Steve.

    1. After reading your comment I had a thought. Like Sammie and Ellie you and I are twins born at different times. Loved all the ideas you had for the Star Wars marathon. Thanks brother. -Matt