March 2, 2012

8 Funny, Cute and Embarrassing Stories

It was raining yesterday in Xian as I wrote this.  Maybe it’s raining where you are.  Maybe you need a little smile.  Here are 8 stories that are funny, cute or embarrassing to brighten your day.  I usually add one or two of these stories to our family updates, but it's been a while since I have.  That’s why there’s so many.  Anyways, I hope they bring a smile to your face.

*A few days ago Heather was playing with Aubrey.  At one point Heather asked Aubrey “Who loves you?” and Aubrey answered “Jesus”.  Good answer. Heather then asked Aubrey who else loves her.  The second time, however, Heather pointed to her nose as she asked (I think that she was trying to “lead” Aubrey in her answer.  Others would maybe use the words “force” or “manipulate”.)  So when Heather asked her (while pointing to her nose) Aubrey answered “My nose”.  I can’t imagine how confused Aubrey must have felt.

*A couple weeks ago Heather was going out to go running and Sydney asked if she could go with her.  Heather said she could go.  During the run Heather turned to Sydney and asked “Are you gonna finish?” to which Sydney replied “I hope so.”  (Side note: it was super cute watching them running together)

*Recently I asked Aubrey how she slept after she woke up.  And she replied by saying “Like this” and proceeded to demonstrate what she looks like when she sleeps.  I guess I should be more specific next time; “Did you sleep well?”

*Sydney was playing a Curious George game on the computer.  I believe the game was making a sand castle.  Well, in a friendly voice, Curious George’s owner said “Click on the ocean to clear your castle” (or some variation).  In an annoyed tone Sydney replied, “I’m not finished buddy”

*Ellie put a hair band on my head and then said (in English) “Beautiful”.  In two months her English has really come along.  (Also it’s great to see her appreciation for beauty coming along!  I mean, she used the best word to describe me, beautiful!  Just don’t look at this picture of me or this one.)

*In our house “10” can also mean “a lot”.  This is a custom in our house, unfortunately, I don’t remember how it got started, but along the way it did.  And a recent exchange I had with Lily went something like this:
Me: “I love you Lily.”
Lily: “I love you Daddy.”
Me: “I love you more.”
Lily: “I love you 10 more.”
(It’s tough to top 10, but one way you can is by saying “I love you 10 10 10 more!”  That’s a lot of love.)

A few embarrassing stories brought to you by me.

*One of the kid’s shoes had “Mud” on it.  So I took the shoe to the hallway outside our front door to scrap it.  It wasn’t until after I got started that I realized that the “mud” I was so diligently scrapping off wasn’t “mud” at all.  YUCK!  A few days later I saw that same shoe in our dryer; my guess is that Sammie stuffed it in there.  AWESOME!

*This last story is a mix of embarrassing and near disaster.  No one was hurt, so don’t worry.  I was dropping off some old clothes and kid’s toys at another foster home in our neighborhood a couple months back.  Aubrey came along to help me, which I appreciated.  As I was unloading the stuff at the foster home I turned to walk back to the stroller and, unbeknown to me, Aubrey had gotten out of the stroller and was right in the path of my clumsiness.  I ran into her, tripped and ended up falling on her in front of some people from the foster home.  Luckily, Aubrey was ok… my pride, however, was hurt badly…

What was your favorite story?

much love,
the petersons


  1. Totally the "muddy show" that ended nup in the dryer. Classic. Lovely. Please tell me you have a dog! or was it "split pants escapee 'mud' I wonder? oh my!!!!! You have to laugh. I was laughing OUT loud today in the hospital elevator. There were 4 of us in the elevator...four and the doors opened and the person waiting to go down saw that there were 4 of us, and said, "Oh! I'll just wait for the next one" I couldn't stop laughing. In China that would NEVER have happened. Oh my is personal space relative :) Good memories :)

    1. HAHA! Glad you enjoyed that story Holly. Yeah, my safest guess is that it was a dog outside that created the "muddy shoe". And yes, for sure that would not have happened in China. If a person can fit into the elevator, they usually do. Thanks again for stopping by. -Matt