March 6, 2012

What You Can't Catch HIV/AIDS From...

I wrote a post the other week about how you can't transmit HIV/AIDS from sharing a spoon.  I came across this poster a while ago and it's helped me learn more about this disease.  Check it out:

If you have a moral objection to posters, or just can't read it, here's what it says:

You can't catch AIDS from...
Cups, Glasses, Cutlery, Towels, Toilet Seats, Mosquitoes, Shaking Hands, Giving Blood, Kissing.
You cannot catch the AIDS virus by touching an infected person.  The virus is not passed on through touching, shaking hands or through saliva and tears, normal everyday contact with an infected person is perfectly safe.

Pretty crazy.
I can't say that I know any of this before we started this journey.
How many of you are like me and didn't know any of this?

with hope,
the petersons


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