March 11, 2012

Fun Pictures And A Couch Eats Sammie

Here are some fun pictures from a couple weeks ago.  Unfortunately, yesterday, Sammie was eaten by our couch. I hope you smile, I hope you laugh, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

"I asked Sydney to make the saddest face she could.  This was it."

"Ellie wearing a new fuzzy hat."

"The girls outside gathered around a hole they were digging.  Soon afterwards they tried to plant something in the hole.  And after a little persuasion I agreed to pour some water on whatever it was they were planting."

"Aubrey looking cute."

"Feeling a little bit of joy."

"No joy in this photo."

"Sammie strays all to close to our hungry couch and in a moment was eaten. These are the last known photos of him."

"Luckily Caleb came over to help his brother.  If I were being eaten by a couch Caleb would be at the top of a short list of people I would want to help me."

"A true hero."

"But still a bit confused as to how Sammie was so naive as to play next to the couch?"

What was your favorite one?

much love,
the petersons

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  1. Can't pick a favorite!! I loved them all! What a lot of cuties you have in your hands!

  2. those sofa photos are hilarious!

    1. Thank you! They weren't hilarious for Sammie, just kidding, he was having a blast climbing in there. -Matt

  3. Darling, and love Ellie's fuzzy hat!

    1. Thanks! Yeah her hat is super cute.

  4. I think it is a tie between Sammie being eaten by the lounge and the backlit superhero Caleb. Both very cute!!

    1. HAHA! Thanks guys! Missing all of you! -Matt