March 12, 2012

Spring In China and A Winner For Our Giveaway

So this past week I (Matt) had to make a trip to Beijing to renew my passport.  You have to renew your passport every ten years and my time was nearly up.  It was a good trip.  As I mentioned last month a new family (Jeremy, Lauren and their kids) moved to Xian and actually they moved in upstairs from us in our building.  It’s been such a blessing to get to know them.  Jeremy came with me to Beijing so that he could pick some stuff up from IKEA.  It was a good trip getting to know Jeremy a bit more, taking care of passport business and relaxing.

The past few days in Xian have been really nice.  The sun is out and the cold has decided to back off.  So Heather and I have been doing something we haven’t in months… taking all the kids out at the same time (A.K.A. the traveling circus.)  If you remember we attempted this once a few months ago and haven’t again till now (mainly because of the emotional trauma of it all).  But these past couple times we’ve all gone out have been a lot of fun and no one has died yet!  How it’s looked is we took the kids to a lake here with tons of parks and afterwards grabbed some KFC.  Then today we took the kids out around our neighborhood for a walk and some scooting.  That’s right.  We bought the three oldest girls their very own scooters.  And a blast we are having.

Tomorrow I will begin teaching a Life Education class at a local community center.  I’m really excited for this opportunity as it’s been a little while since I’ve done an entire course.  If you remember, this is the course that I teach with the Red Cross.  Its focus is teaching college/high school students how to live healthy lives in all areas of life.  So I will spend a lot of time talking with them about some very deep and important things.  I look forward to it!

Lastly, we have a winner to our very first Giveaway!  Tammy Morris from South Africa!!  Thank you everyone who participated.  I would like to continue giving stuff away in the future.  Let me know if you have any cool ideas of things from China to giveaway!

 "My daughter is officially Chinese as she poses by making "peace signs".

"There was a pet rabbit at the park.  The girls begged to see it.  I strongly encouraged them to make bunny ears as I took this photo." 

"The girls enjoying some family time at the park.  Sydney is no doubt making a "peace signs" even though we can't see them in this photo." 

"Dinner at KFC with the circus.  When two kids is a big family; six sure draws a response."

much love,
the petersons


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