March 20, 2012

Tons Of Photos Of China

I took a trip with my friend Lawrence like three years ago.  The other day I was bouncing through my old posts and found this one that I hadn't posted.  So here are a bunch of photos from my time in a Chinese village.  I hope you enjoy.

"This is the outside of my friend's house."

"This is my friend's house."

"Chopsticks at breakfast."

"This breakfast is called "You Tiao" or roughly translated "Oil Stick".  Trust me, it's good."

"This is the restaurant we had breakfast at."

"The neighbors, Lawrence's family and me."

"A look down main street of this town."

"This is the school of this town."

"Food at Lawrence's house."

"A picture from the outdoor market that is held once a week."

"A cart of meat."

"These holes are entrances to homes that are dug into the mountain."

"My friend Lawrence."


"An entrance to an old home."

"Corn anyone?"

"Chinese Harley-Davidsons."

"This is a picture of a Chinese wedding procession.  Here's the video. Pretty interesting."

"I took this picture because in this woman's hands was a life-time of hard work.  And it showed."

"Steaming mantou."

"Some sheep making their way through the parking lot."

"The Chinese band gettin crazy."

"Some new friends and I enjoying some tea, almond milk and seeds."

"Lawrence's family."

"Some kids that I gave candy too.  Most of them ran at the sight of me."

"This was our ride up into the mountains to visit Lawrence's grandma."

"Can't say I felt entirely safe on this road.  YIKES!"

"Some welding.  He didn't have a helmet, so he just closed his eyes."

"Chinese farm life."

"More Chinese farm life."

"A donkey spun this and it ground beans into tofu."

"See, tofu."

"More of Lawrence's family."

"We got a flat on the way home and we were stuck here for hours."

"We had an informal English class on the side of the road."

"It was cold and a nice neighbor came and started a fire for us."

"Hot dogs I thought I could cook on the fire, but never got to."

much love,
the petersons


  1. Anonymous21.3.12

    Great pics, Matt! I enjoyed those; thanks!

    1. Thanks Jill! Glad you enjoyed them. It was a fun trip and it's fun looking back on these pictures. -Matt

  2. I love how you're the only one smiling in that big group photo with Lawrence's family... And how that dude was welding with his eyes closed haha

    1. HAHA! You're right, how embarrassing of me. That guy would close his eyes each time he would start to weld. I can't imagine that being good for your eyes. Thanks bro for stopping by. -Matt