March 22, 2012

Kids Kung Fu Night

"I used this to help win my award."
It’s been many moons since our last dance party.  However, a few nights ago, as we finished watching Kung Fu Panda 2 we had a different kind of party.  A Kung Fu Party!

We all threw pillows, balls, fists and kicks in all directions.  I felt like I was Neo fighting the 100 Mr. Andersons, except in my version two of the Mr. Andersons (Caleb and Sammie) were crying because they didn’t get to use the foam sword (or some other lame reason).  A couple times I would get buried with pillows and then yell “Jesus” and shoot out of the pile sending pillows in every which direction (This, however, is not meant to be a theological point, because I doubt Jesus would give anyone supernatural power to shoot out of a pile of pillows).  I feel like I need to hand out some awards, so the following awards go to these winners.


Highest hit percentage (for the contestant that hit the most targets when throwing balls)
Me.  I was on fire, I had to have hit my kids 9 out of 10 throws.

Lowest hit percentage (for the contestant that missed the most targets when throwing balls)
Ellie and she won by a mile.  The only time I remember her hitting anyone was when she hit me in the nose. At least she made her one hit count.  Good work!

Highest dance percentage
Aubrey, it wasn’t a dance party but she danced and fought her way into the record books by dancing for 99% of the time.

Least active contestant
Lily and it wasn’t even close.  Half the time she was at the table eating strawberries.  At one point all the kids were burying me with pillows and I dramatically reached my hand towards her and in a desperate tone I  said “Lily”.  Her reaction?  It was to continue to watch me get buried alive with pillows.  (To her credit she did start rescuing me shortly after that…)

Slasher (to the player who imaginary cut the most stomachs with a fake sword)
Me.  To be honest I was the only one doing this.

It was fun.  But it also reminded me of a post I wanted to write.  About how we can learn things from kid’s movies.  In particular, what I learned from Kung Fu Panda 2 and how it relates to adoption, foster care and abandonment.  I will post it in a couple days.

But for tomorrow I have something special planned... you'll have to come back to check it out.

What fun things do you do with your kids?

much love,
the petersons


  1. sounds fun! Our fun this weekend will be working in the yard! Okay, maybe not a lot of fun - but with 4 little ones - it's all in the attitude - and I'm sure if I have popsicles on hand all will have fun! :)

    1. Popsicles can help any situation. Thanks for dropping by, we posted your fundraiser today. I hope some people head over to your blog! -Matt