April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Ellie and Sammie!

Hi everyone! Ellie and Sammie's birthday was on the 3rd. When Ellie and Sammie were found, they were found together. So it was assumed that they were twins, however, it's pretty clear that Ellie is older. So even though their birthdays are on the same day, we said Ellie was turning 3 and Sammie was turning 2. Not that it's up to us, but this seems pretty close to their ages. Enjoy!

"Sammie gets what every boy needs, fake crocs. He loves them!" 

"Ellie got a coloring book. I like this picture because it looks like the coloring book is the size of a movie poster." 

 "Sammie got a firetruck. He loves it and so does everyone else. Of course, it sings some gosh-awful song."

"Ellie ecstatic about her new Dora doll and a new head band." 

"Sammie checking to make sure the firetruck is up to code. He seemed pleased." 

"Ellie's Birthday card!" 

"Sammie's Birthday card." 

"There we go Ellie! We've told Ellie ever since she moved here that Dora was her (they kinda look alike.)" 

"And of course the wall of birthday signs." 

"A little song and a little cake." 

"Another tradition in our home, tea candles instead of birthday candles. This is China."
(Heather wants me to make sure and say that she's not mad in this photo nor is she forcing Sammie's face into the cake. But the photo shows otherwise.)

"Ellie showing me how old she is." 

"Sammie called Caleb to confirm his inspection. Both of them love playing with this toy."

much love,
the petersons


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