April 2, 2012

10 GREAT Things About Big Families

"This is us before we knew the benefits of a large famiy."
What is good about having a big family? As a family of six, we have some opinions on the matter.  So this list is written as a mixture of what I think, but also what I think my kids would think. I've written more about marriage and parenting if you're interested as well.

10. It gives you tons of stories (and blogging material) -
If we didn’t have a big family we wouldn’t have this story, this one, or these.  And that would be a lot more comfortable, but it wouldn’t necessarily be better.

9. Always a birthday party -
Birthdays are fun! Friends come over, you eat cake and watch kids open presents, who doesn’t love a Birthday party? Satan is the only person I can think of.  Anyways, with a big family you’re always celebrating someone’s day.

8. Learn to share (or die) -
In a big family everyday is a lesson in learning to share. And if you can’t adapt you die.  Plain and simple.

7. Learning patience is an everyday thing -
Another lesson that you are forced to learn with a big family is to have patience. Everyone is always wanting something or needing something. And that makes a big family an excellent school for learning patience.  Sanity, however, is not easily fostered in a big family.

6. Always a friend nearby -
True. My kids will ask to play with friends and can easily be sad if they go too long without seeing/playing with them. However a playmate is never too far away in the form of a sibling.

5. Leftovers always get eaten -
Chances are if you have a big family, someone is going to like whatever it is that’s leftover.  We rarely have to throw food out, if ever, because we have six different sets of taste buds evaluating every option.

4. No TV -
We don’t let our kids watch a ton of TV.  Not because we’re super parents, not by any means.  It’s just easier to do when kids have siblings to play with.

3. Its loud -
The Chinese have a word “Re Nao” which means something along the lines of “lively”.  Our house is definitely “Re Nao”. This can fall into both categories of pro and con for having a big family. For the most part a lot of kids make a house “lively” and fun.  When they are gone the silence can be painfully deafening.

2. No shortage -
Dress-up clothes and toys are never in short supply. Just check out this, this and this and you’ll get an idea of what I mean. Also, there are plenty of hand-me-downs for our younger kids.

1. You don’t have to do it all -
Entertaining and making fun games and memories isn’t all dependent on you. Your kids are also part of the equation.  They spend so much time together playing/entertaining and at the same time making fun memories together.

I love having a big family.  What are your thoughts?  What things do you like about having a big family?

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much love,
the petersons


  1. I especially love the "always a birthday party"... mmm cake! Great, happy blog post!
    diane- web diva

    1. Thanks! Cake is a very good reason for a big family. -Matt