April 27, 2012

Ultrasound Ultra-Success!

A couple weeks ago Heather went to get an ultrasound and the experience was horrible. The lines were long and she waited forever to see the doctor. When she finally did see him he took a full 3 seconds to tell Heather she hadn’t drank enough water and to go. Heather was disappointed (luckily Sydney was with her and comforted her.) A little after that experience a friend of ours here told Heather that the hospital across the street from us could give her an ultrasound. So this week both Heather and I went to the hospital across the street. It was quite a different experience. First, it was a nice sunny day (the other week it was rainy.) There was no line to wait in. And we got to see the baby. We found out that the baby’s length is good and we even watched as ‘it’ moved around. They even printed off a couple pictures for us. One thing that’s tough about living overseas is just not knowing things like “the hospital across the street is the best option for an ultrasound”, hopefully the longer we’re here the more we can learn these things. On a side note it cost us a full $7.50 to have an ultrasound done. There are things you gotta love about living in China!

One thing I didn’t really expect was a question that we were presented with at the hospital. When we were asking about getting an ultrasound the nurse asked “Is this a baby you want or don’t want?” She asked it as if she were asking us if we wanted to add a side of fries to our burger. It was pretty cold.

I also wanted to update you on my teaching at the university. In a word it’s been ok.  I would say 10% of the class is very involved in what I’m teaching and 10% of the class is sleeping/playing on their phones. The other 80% falls somewhere in-between those two. It can be extremely discouraging to look out and see some students not involved in the class. I have to remember that I’m teaching in their second language, which is tough, and that these students are (typically) overworked. If they can have a moment of rest, at my pride’s expense, I suppose that’s ok. I was touched though when the teacher, in her class, challenged her students by using Heather and I as an example. She asked them “would you take care of these orphans?” and the students replied “no” and she told them she wouldn’t either. She then asked “why is that?” I felt moved that our lives were challenging these students (and teachers.)

Thank you to everyone who wrote us to be added to our email list after this post. We love you and couldn’t do this without you!


  1. $7.50 for an ultrasound? That's so wild! glad y'all had a better doctor experience this time.

    1. I know! Super cheap! We're glad to, thanks for dropping in Martha! -Matt

  2. Glad you had that good ultra-experience... hope there are more of those to come!
    John and Diane
    (foster parent rescue...)