August 24, 2012

Pieces Coming Together

So we’re moving to Xining if you didn’t catch our last post. Some pieces are coming together for us to make this move and one of those is that we found our future apartment! Actually two of them…

When we were in Xining a month ago we heard that there were two apartments for rent that were side-by-side. So we went to check them out. They were on the first floor and both of them had ‘yards’ (the yards are small, maybe 6 feet by 20 feet each). The area was nice, but at that time we were just looking and not sure if we could even move to Xining.

Well shortly after we found out that we could move to Xining we started dreaming of renting the two apartments and knocking down a wall to join the two. I called the landlord to see if we could rent both of them and knock down a wall, he said we could. So a few days later I was on a plane out to Xining to sign on the apartments. When I got there I found out that we couldn’t knock the wall down... so I left Xining empty handed.

On a side note. The apartments in China are small. Not only are they small because we live in huge cities, but they’re also small because the average Chinese family only has one child. Apartments in China just don’t take into account the crazy American family that has five kids. It just doesn’t. That’s why we were so excited to get these apartments and join them together (among other things). And that is also why we were so disappointed when we couldn’t get them.

A few days after I got back to Xian Heather and I began talking about renting the two apartments regardless of whether or not we could join them. The second apartment could be a place for a home school room, an office, and a guest room (for when all you lovely people come to visit us!). A few days ago I called the landlord and agreed to rent the two apartments. It’s nice too because the two apartments together are STILL cheaper than the apartment we’re renting in Xian.

The one difficult thing about the situation is that both apartments are just concrete shells. Oftentimes here in China you buy an apartment that is completely unfinished and you finish it yourself. So it will take some money on our part to put in floors, doors, and paint the apartments.

And we’ve tentatively picked a date to move to Xining, September 10th. After that tt will only be another couple months before we’re having our new baby, in our new city, coming home to our new apartment. I, however, remain to be old.

much love everyone.
the petersons


  1. Thanks for this, it's amazing how those cultural differences touch everything, even down to the size of apartment needed! Good luck with the rest of your move to Xining.

  2. This is the first time I came to this blog. Very nice blog!

    I thought no foreigners would go to Xining as it is quite remote from the developed cities. You choice is very special.

    I was working in Xi'an for almost one year last year. There are lots of foreign backpackers visiting Xi'an each year. I am sorry to hear that all your friends were moving away.

    It looks like you are quite firm to stay in China. Wishing you a good start in Xining.

    I haven't been to Xining. I thought the apartment there should be bigger and cheaper than Xi'an. I live in Guangzhou : >

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  4. We are excited for you guys as you move to Xining (ok, maybe we're a little jealous, too; we've been thinking about that location for a while :) Wishing you many blessings as you work out all the details and make the transition!