May 9, 2013

Turning Thirty

This past week I hit a milestone, I turned thirty. When you're young you kinda fear these milestones as the impending doom of your own demise creeps closer and closer. However, it's been over two years that we've waited to adopt Lily and I've looked forward to this milestone the whole time. This is because both Heather and I need to be 30 to adopt our little girl.

So instead of fearing the reality that I'm getting older, I will celebrate. Celebrate a new chapter of my life and my family's story. Now we just need to finish a boat load of paperwork, raise a boat load of money, and get approval from two governments to make Lily forever ours.

much love

the petersons

OK. I have one quick story to share with you that made me laugh. This morning I had to take Lily to get some routine blood tests. I was touched by my youngest daughter Aubrey when she offered to come with (to encourage Lily).

Just before we were about to leave Aubrey asks me if there will be a bathroom at the hospital. I told her there would be, but it would be a 'squatty' and that she should go before we leave. I was shocked when she protested this helpful suggestion because she wanted to use the 'squatty'. Oh raising kids in a foreign land can be interesting :)

Now I'm done.

Matt the old man.


  1. Anonymous12.5.13

    Hey Matt, Congrats on turning 30! We know how you feel :) We're excited for your family as you begin the process of Lily's adoption. Let us know when you begin fundraising.
    (from Travis and Amber in Guangdong)

  2. Good luck with it all and congrats on Lily's adoption! I will be turning 40 this year and know exactly what you mean about 'that feeling'!! But my already turned 40-year-old friend cheered me up when I complained about reaching this birthday milestone by saying 'well, what's the alternative?!'