June 6, 2013

A visit to the Dentist in Chengdu

A month ago Heather realized she was missing a chunk of her tooth. It was obviously painful for her and we weren't quite sure where to go to get it worked on. Well Heather's friend suggested a dentist who lives in Chengdu (another city in China). It came together nicely, because another friend of Heather's also needed to see the dentist, so they were able to go together.

The dentist sealed the hole in Heather's tooth with this warning 'if your tooth still hurts in the morning it means the infection has already reached the root and we will need to do a root canal'. That night Heather laid in bed and her mouth felt worse and worse with each passing hour. Both of us were talking with Father hoping the pain would leave and the root canal would be avoided . She finally fell asleep, in pain, not knowing what the morning would bring.

But the next morning when she woke up all the pain in her tooth was gone! She went in and the dentist simply gave her a filling and the nasty, evil root canal was avoided! She was pumped to say the least. (Quick side note, I'm so jealous that Heather's been to a city in China that I haven't been to and not once, but TWICE!)

While Heather was gone things went smoothly here on the home front. I did have a realization of how old my daughter is when I called her up at a friend's house. After chatting for a minute or so Sydney said to me "OK you can hang up now", that's right, little Sydney is old enough to know when she's had enough of talking with her old man. The funny thing is that Heather said nearly the exact same thing to me later that day or the next. (I can't remember why she said it to me, but I'm sure it was a legitimate reason and not that she wanted to get back to watching Barbie or whatever it is that 7 year old girls do.)

A random side story that I don't want to forget. A few weeks back there were some neighborhood kids playing in our front yard. Aubrey yelled to me that one of them was going to the bathroom. By the time I made it to the window in front of the yard all I could see was a fresh pile of 'verification' that what Aubrey said was true. This didn't make me super happy (as you can imagine), so I made the boy's older cousin clean it up. And I'm torn, should I have cleaned it up? Would that have been the loving thing to do? Does this kid hate me? (He did poop in my yard, but that's because he was spending time there presumably because his family likes us, right?)

much love everyone.
the petersons


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