June 29, 2013

Random Stuff

Today I walked into my girl's room and Aubrey was sitting on the ground near the door. When I entered she said to me "Look Daddy I saved my pizza" and sure enough there was a piece of pizza crust in her hand that she had been eating. The thing is, I don't remember the last time we had pizza...

The other night Isaac woke up a little after midnight. I, too, woke up from this, but as I was walking through our apartment I heard a noise outside. I recognized the sound as being something hitting metal and remembering we have a large metal cauldron in our yard (for fires) I thought the sound might have had something to do with it. So I quietly made my way to our window and looked out not knowing what to expect. In the pitch black of night I saw 5 or 6 cats sitting on our wall. It's weird because I rarely (if ever) see cats in our neighborhood during the day.

Our family has been sick on and off for a couple weeks. Colds, coughs, and general discomfort.

My teaching job finished this past week and we're off for a few weeks before starting up again.

Heather's mother and sister will be coming to visit us in a month! We're excited to see them! It will be their first time in China so we'll do all the touristy things like eating chicken foot, pig intestine, and using a squatty potty... Ok we won't do any of those things, but we will have an incredible time!

Much love,
the petersons


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