July 3, 2013

New Nicknames

Over the past couple weeks a few members of our family, through various means, have gotten nicknames. Here are the names and the stories.

New Nickname: Sweet-Not
Story: The other day my wife was a bit annoyed with me (I know what you're thinking "Annoyed with you Matt, no way!", but yes, she was annoyed with me). And I wasn't helping the situation by continuing to intentionally annoy her (I know what you're thinking "You Matt pushing buttons and trying to annoy your wife, no way!', but yes, it happens). At one point she turned to me and gave me a look that communicated that she wasn't happy and in an annoyed tone she said "I just want you to say "What can I get for you sweet not" at that point we both burst out laughing. Of course, Sweet-Not was not what she wanted to say and I'm assuming what she meant was sweet heart.

New Nickname: KB
Story: The other night I was laying Caleb down for bed. I don't remember exactly how I asked him, but I asked him what his name was. Caleb can say names of people in our family, but we haven't heard him say his name. So after I asked him to tell me his name he says "KB". I loved it and its super cute to hear him say his name is KB.

New Nickname: Da Tou (Big Head)
Story: Recently we were spending some time with some Chinese friends. One of them looked at Isaac and started singing a Chinese song. That went like this:

"Da tou, Da tou
Xia yu bu chou,
Renjia you san,
wo you da tou"

"Big head, big head
don't worry about the rain,
People have umbrellas,
I have a big head."

much love,
the petersons

One for the road. So I love to drink iced tea here and the other day I had a bottle of it sitting out. I went to lay down and Caleb (who also loves to drink iced tea) went over to Heather and started whispering a secret to her, which she couldn't understand. Then he went over to my bottle of iced tea and then put a finger to his mouth and said "shhh". Maybe his nickname should be 'thief' and not KB.


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