September 22, 2013

Its Been A While

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the loooong delay in posting.

We had quite an exciting past couple months. Heather's mom and sister were here for a little over two weeks. It was there first time visiting China and we had a great time together. The kids loved seeing Grandma and for Lily/Isaac it was their first time seeing Grandma Dotty in the flesh (and Aunt Regan). After being in Xining with us for most of their time, Heather, Baby Isaac, Dan (Heather's brother that also lives here in Xining), Mom and Sister all headed out to Beijing together. They first took a 3 hour bus ride to another city where they caught a 19 hour train ride to Beijing. Once they were there they spent time together and made a trip out to see the Great Wall. Between the heat, crowds and a little baby it was a bit challenging.

And we just found out in the past couple weeks that my mom is going to come visit us! We're so excited to see her and it will be her first time holding little Isaac.

I hope this finds each of you doing well. And yes. I know. I need to post more pictures. Forgive me.

the Petersons


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