July 9, 2013

Happy Birthday and Chinese Meds

This week we celebrated our little man Caleb's birthday! He turned three and we're so proud of our little guy. It was a rainy day so we just made it a fun chill day around the house. I got pizza for dinner and Heather  made a delicious cream cheese cake that she topped with fresh strawberries. Caleb opened his presents (a plane, a Lightening McQueen car, and a transformer motorcycle (or motorcar). At that point Caleb was gone for the night as he fell into a trance as he played with his new toys. Our friend Natasha joined us as well and Caleb got some more goodies from her.

One tradition our family has is that Heather and I make signs (and the kids jump in as well) for whoever's birthday it is. Recently Heather and I have been competing to see who can make the best sign. And I humbly acknowledge that she completely destroyed me on this one.

I mentioned in our last post that our family's been sick. Well a couple weeks ago I went to the pharmacy to get some antibiotics. Its super nice that I can just buy these over the counter and don't need a prescription. When I grabbed the box and turned it over I was shocked at how much they were! What's funny is that they were only $3.50 USD. I guess life is all about perspective, because the same meds in America would have cost me a lot more, but here I'm used to paying even less than $3.50 USD.

This morning I did a load of laundry. When it was done I went to move the clothes to the dryer. And what did my confused eyes discover? My cellphone laying at the bottom of the washer having just gone through what I imagine a cellphone to describe as 'complete heck'. I could've accidentally left it in my pants or one of my kids could've slipped it in when I wasn't looking both scenarios are possible.

Much love,
the petersons


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