December 16, 2013

Our Trip To The Xining Zoo

Hi everyone,

If you remember my mom was visiting a little while ago. While she was here we went to the Xining Zoo and it was such a fun time! One thing that was cool was that because its a little colder right now we were some of the only people there. Really though the best part was that we got to ride in a caged van through a Jurassic Park style area of the zoo where there were; tigers, lions, bears, and other various things that given the opportunity would have eaten us. What was incredible was that for less than $2 you could buy raw chicken that you stuck on the end of a crude metal pole and then dangle it out the window for the predators to come up to the window and devour. We had so much fun that we asked if we could pay extra to rent our own van and go again, which we did. Here are some pictures from our time. (My sweet wife stayed back to take care of Isaac, so that's why they aren't in any of the pictures.)

It was cool that the zoo was in the middle of the city. It made for quite the contrasting pictures. 

My mom with a chunk of raw chicken. 

Heading to the window. 


My mom had a blast. "You could never do this in America" or slight variations of this was something we said quite a bit.


The kids also each fed the animals. Check out this lions claws in our van!


Here's my mom making a tiger stand up to get his chicken. 

Sydney feeding a tiger. 

This was on our private tour. All the kids had such a blast! And all of them took turns feeding the animals.

Again. Here is a picture of the zoo with Xining city behind her. 


Aubrey feeding a camel a leaf from the ground. 

 Lily, Caleb, Sydney and Aubrey.

Its a good day when your kids sleep in the taxi on the way home.

much love,
the petersons

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