February 23, 2014

Chengdu Trip and Fun

Hi everyone,

We got back from our 24 hour trip to Chengdu. It was a great time and we really enjoyed our trip and most importantly we got our fingerprints done! I mailed them off to the States yesterday, so hopefully they will be accepted and we will be moving forward with the adoption process. Our trip though wasn't without me (Matt) making a major mistake. It was 7:47pm and we were just finishing up shopping at IKEA. At this point we were about to head to the airport believing our flight to be at 10:30pm. My wife then mentioned it would be nice to have someone picking us up at the airport. I pulled my phone out and checked our itinerary and realized our flight didn't leave at 10:30pm, but 8:30pm! I gasped for air as stress surrounded me like a swarm of bees. We sprinted to the road and got a taxi immediately (a miracle). We told the driver to take us to the airport and then asked how long it would take, "30 minutes" was his reply. We told him to drive fast and seriously only 10 or so minutes later we were at the airport (a miracle). I think he took the expressway and that's why it went faster, well that, and he drove on the shoulder for a good distance. We got out of the taxi and sprinted like it was the summer Olympics to the check-in counter. After checking in we again sprinted to the gate. We got there only to discover that no one had gotten on the plane yet and that it was delayed (a miracle... at least for us, not the rest of the passengers).

For anyone traveling through China Chengdu was an awesome city. Although we only spent a day there I really liked it. I will need to go back in the next few months with Lily so she can get some dental work done.

Our first day back was actually noteworthy as well. Our daughter Aubrey swallowed a Chinese coin that is similar in size to a US quarter. Anything along these lines that happens in our home, happens to Aubrey. As of writing this the coin has not 'passed' (sorry to be so detailed). So hopefully that happens soon. (Again. Sorry.)

Last night we went to a going away party for our dear friend and sister, Natasha. She's been a part of our family going all the way back to Xian. I brought the boys back early and Heather and the girls stayed longer. When they got home Sydney told me about how she had danced for everyone. Now today she wants to go out with a bucket and dance for donations with Aubrey and Lily. Lily asked me if I would be proud of them if they were stars, I told her I would be proud of them if they were stars or weren't. Then she told me if they become stars I won't need to pay money to go to their shows.

much love,
the petersons


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