May 21, 2008

Back to Rapid City

Well we just got back to Rapid City, as you may know we were in Baker, Montana. The family had a great time visiting with the farm family and locals. Sydney got to live out her wildest dreams by petting a horse and even sitting on one. Whenever we would see cows she would get so excited and always wanted to run over and see them. I would also like to say that it was the first time that I ever lost at “back alley” or “the game” to Mark and Sue. Previously I had destroyed the field with my clever bidding and card playing (only jokes). Heather and I also managed to get some of her artwork from her High School days from her Grandma, it is beautiful. I had no idea that my wife was so talented on so many levels. It is for sale right now, typical pieces range from $99-$299. Anyways that is all from us, check out our pictures and some stories from our trip that I will post later.

Lastly, I would just like to say that I saw the worst sign in the world on our trip, it is posted below and it is the “Welcome to North Dakota” sign. If you ever see this sign turn around immediately, because you’re going the wrong way (because there is nothing good in North Dakota). If you don’t agree with me, consider this, almost every road sign in ND has bullet holes in them…. Are you serious? That should say enough. One more observation I made while traveling the country side is this; when you enter a new state (for example North Dakota) you will typically see a sign that says “Welcome to North Dakota” (again if you see this turn around), which then you will see a sign 10 feet beyond this that says “Speed limit strictly enforced”…. Are you serious? News flash the speed limit is strictly enforced in ALL states it isn’t new to us when you put up your threats. It’s like this, welcome to our state (10 feet later) NOW DON’T YOU EVEN THINK OF SPEEDING BECAUSE WE WILL FINE YOU TO THE MAX, SO MUCH SO YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO COME HERE AGAIN. Kinda erases that good feeling from the welcome sign.

"Two Sweeties"

"The girls smiling"

"The worst sign in the world" Also, check out the bullet holes.