May 21, 2008

A couple of funny stories from the road

So in my desire to experience the Great Outdoors I climbed on a 4 wheeler to travel out into the Montana badlands and experience a little quiet time. After getting a good 10 minutes or so away from the farm and treading through some mean terrain I slowed to a stop only to have the 4 wheeler die. I calmly tried to start it up, but to no avail. After a few minutes I feared the worst. For those of you who have seen the T.V. show I shouldn’t be alive, I sensed that I would soon be on the show (hopefully). I could picture it in my head, the narrator beginning to lay the story out. The narrator’s voice “It was a warm windy day, nothing too extraordinary for a day in Montana. Young Matt Peterson headed out seeking solitude, but would find none. The hills of Montana are scattered with venomous snakes of all kinds and wild horses that would test Matt’s survival skills.” Luckily, for me that voice would never have to tell my story. After a few minutes of pondering my situation I noticed a hose that I assumed to be a gas hose and I shoved it into what I assumed to be the place I needed to shove it into (which now I doubt were either). I then gently and not so gently persuaded the clutch (is that what it’s called?) into neutral. I then with hope in my heart pushed the ignition and heard the greatest sound in the world the purr of the 4 wheeler beneath me. Some have called me the toughest man they know, I’m pretty sure this story verifies that.

Sydney had it coming to her. So lately when we’ve put Sydney in time out she has been getting up and playing instead of staying in her timeout (which she is normally really good about). So the story began with me lying down in our room (which is also Sydney’s… and Aubrey’s) in a bunk bed under a few blankets (it was hard to see me). As I was lying down Sydney had got into trouble with her Grandma Dotty and Dotty brought her into our room to put her in timeout, not knowing I was in there. After only a few moments I could hear Sydney playing with some things when she was supposed to be sitting in her bed. So I slowly turned over and saw Sydney’s back was facing me and she was playing. I said (to my credit) in a quiet voice “Sydney” and she jumped like I’ve never seen! I then said “get into timeout” (again to my credit in a calm tone). She just stared at me and went over and got back into timeout. For those of you who are frequent readers here at the petersonchina blogspot, you may remember Sydney’s story of sitting in her chair in the middle of the night and scaring Heather. Well now the official score is Sydney 1, Mom and Dad 1, consider us even.