May 5, 2008

A cop, a headbutt and a power outage...

a COP... So I was driving in our fully loaded car on our way to Colstrip, Montana and I looked down to notice that I was doing 90 mph and at the exact time I saw that, I also noticed a police car whipping around to follow me. This was bad. I'm really a slow driver (and I'm not just saying that because my grandparents read this!). Anyways the cop informs me that he was pulling me over for doing 85 in a 75. He tells me that it is a $20 fine that I can pay right there, so I hand him the twenty. Before this though I tell him we are moving to China and he was interested in what we were planning to do. As the police officer comes back to my car he says "here's your license, registration, and your money", "I don't ticket people when it's there birthday". Excitement and joy filled my heart with such intensity my words could not do it justice. And I get the courage to offer him a picture of our family with our website, so he can follow our family's move to China... he accepted it and we talked about his family for a good few minutes. All in all it was a great time on the side of I-94 to Colstrip. And officer if your reading this (since you know have my website info), thank you for your kindness and know that you made my day.

a HEADBUTT... So I had the awesome privilege of sharing with a group of people about our move to China this weekend. I was only slightly mocked by the man who introduced me to the group, and a few stories that display my stupidity were shared. My favorite moment was when my wife was called up front and as she got closer to me I leaned in to whisper something to her at the same time, she leaned in more then I anticipated. Her head crushed the side of my face and a few laughs from those in the group who saw it were heard. I was so embarrassed. Other then that it was a really fun time and we got to meet some really nice people.

a POWER OUTAGE... Well we were supposed to continue our Family Band Tour (dubbed the Peterson's move out West, the Midwest) to Baker, Montana today, but weather changed our course. The family farm we would be staying at has lost all power and it will not be restored for a week or so (and I complain when the power flickers in the night, resetting my clock, I have so much to grow in). So instead we are in Rapid City, SD for the next month and during this time we will take a 4 day trip to the family farm. That is, we will go there when we won't have to use an outhouse.

we love you guys and I hope this was as funny reading as it was experiencing.

much love,
the Peterson's