May 14, 2008

This past week or so

Well we've been in Rapid City with Heather's family now for a little over a week. It has been a blast. There is a free golf course near by that Heather's brothers and I enjoy almost everyday. It gives me a chance to really bond with them, but more importantly it gives me the opportunity to crush them. Which I'll be honest, hasn't REALLY happened yet, but I'm waiting. Other then that Heather and I have also been able to start getting some things that we will need for China and are continuing to say goodbye to the family. It is crazy to think that it will be another two years (at least) before we get to see them again. Tomorrow morning we will be heading to Montana to meet up with those we missed during the power outage situation. It will be fun for me to get to live out my deepest dreams of ranching/farming. I'm glad also to get a break from Heather's dad constantly trying to beat me up. We seriously wrestle, I would guess 3-4 times a day. To his defense, I don't stand a chance and most times I deserve it. Heather and the girls are also doing great. Aubrey is still just the greatest little baby we could have asked for, she rarely cries (unless trying to go to sleep) and is so gorgeous. Sydney has her moments... She gets her attitude from Heather, which isn't a good thing (that's a joke). She is learning to share with the other kids in the house and each day brings it's moments of glory (sharing and being kind) and it's moments of craziness (screaming, throwing herself to the ground, kicking in the air like a wild animal, ect...). All in all the Peterson's are managing homeless life on the road well and are excited about the changes coming up.

With much love,
the Peterson's