August 28, 2008

Heather's running and Sydney's sitting

Hey everyone,

Well I wanted to make sure everyone knew how proud of my wife I am. I’m proud because this week she ran 10 miles!!! That’s right, it isn’t a typo. Who would have thought she would run that far after finding out that there was a Mexican restaurant that far away. O.k. she did run 10 miles, but not because of the potential to have Mexican food, but if you hear of a restaurant that has Mexican food in Xi’an, let us know. For those of you who haven’t heard, Heather has been training to run a half marathon (13 miles) here in November. She has NEVER been a runner before in her life, but she’s been working hard at it for nearly three months. Heather is an incredible example to me, because she has been working out so much and eating so well that she now weighs less than she did in High School. That’s after having TWO kids. I just get bigger each year, and my guilt for not being in better shape just gets heavier. Anyways, I wanted all of you at home to know that my wife is crushing and soon I will write a post about how she ran a half marathon.

Also, we have more amazing progress to report. It’s been a few days in a row that Sydney has gone number 2 in the toilet!!! Sorry if this is too much info for some of you, but this is the best way to let our families know about our lives in China. She has consistently been going number 1 on the toilet and even telling us when she needs to go and now she’s been mastering the number 2. She has even gone outside in the grass at the park… Don’t worry all the parents here have their kids do it that way if they’re outside.

That’s us!
The petersons