August 14, 2009


Sorry... we're not pregnant.

We are going to be making some changes in our life coming up very shortly. For the past year I (Matt) have been going to university here in the mornings to study Chinese. I’ve enjoyed the classroom setting and this past year has given me a firm foundation in Chinese. The longer I live here though the more I want to teach English here and continue my studies in a different way. So next semester I will begin teaching English at a local school here in the mornings and I will get a tutor in the afternoons to continue my Chinese studies. This will provide me with the ability to continue to live in China (but as a teacher as opposed to a student). I’m really excited about how many relationships I will be able to build through this opportunity, and hopefully be able to impact even more lives this way. I’m also excited to be joining my wife in having a tutor. Not only will this give me the chance to continue studying Chinese but I can focus more on my language needs. I will begin teaching September 1st and then I’m going to start looking for a tutor.

What this means... Currently I’m on a student Visa and to teach here and I need to change it to a work Visa. So our whole family (yes our whole family) will need to fly to Hong Kong to get new Visa’s. We’re hoping that we can do this as soon as my mom leaves, because I need to get it done before I start my new job. We’re all very excited for the new changes and we’ll keep all of you posted. I should also mention that due to the tough financial times people face we have lost some of our supporters. This job will help us cover some of our monthly expenses, but it will not cover all of them. We realize that these times are difficult for everyone and want you to know how much your continued support means to us. Thanks to all of you for your support and friendship… we truly are blessed to have such amazing people around us. Thank you.

With love, joy and hope,

The petersons