August 13, 2009

First Week With Mom

It’s been a week since my Mom got here and it has flown by. A flight delay kept her over night in Newark, which let’s be honest, is almost torture. Also, her luggage showed up a day late, but other than that her travel went smoothly. It’s been fun going out with her and just watching her looking at all the sights. China truly is a world that is so different from everything in America. It can be quite overwhelming at times. The first day here my mom and I were walking along the road and she was looking around and almost got hit by a bus! Luckily she lived another day, to stare some more.

So far we’ve gone downtown and checked out a 1,200 year old Mosque, as well as the Drum Tower and Bell Tower. We went out to dinner the other night and had Beijing Roast Duck at the Great Goose Pagoda then watched a fountain light show that is held there each night. Today we went to a lake near our home which is a beautiful place to relax. I would say that my mom is most amazed by how much people stare at us and take an interest in us. Wherever we go we have people stop and take our pictures and ask us questions about the girls. We went out to a Chinese restaurant last night and the servers just stood by our table during most of the meal playing with Aubrey, which is pretty different for Americans.

We have a little less than a week left with her and we will be going to the Terracotta Warriors and maybe hitting the Korean BBQ for dinner sometime. I will post pictures soon, but I will also be making an announcement tomorrow that you need to tune into.

'Till next time,
the petersons