August 4, 2009

Life Lately

Heather had left to get a haircut and on her way home she called me to say that she liked the haircut but that it was very short. So I prepared myself. When she walked through the door I loved her hair, but Heather still felt like it was REALLY short. Then Sydney walked into the room. Upon seeing Heather’s haircut she said “Mommy now you look like Daddy!” Heather and I just looked at each other and then started to laugh. Sydney is so cute, lucky for her.

Also, this past week we found out our smoke alarm works! It’s funny to me because Heather always gives me a hard time about burning everything I cook. Well Heather was cooking a piece of bacon and had forgotten about it until a loud piercing alarm was sounded. And after the smoke cleared and after the alarm had fallen silent I (Matt) found vindication for all those times Heather gave me a hard time about burning food. And that vindication came in the smell of burnt bacon.

So a couple of weeks ago I saw this and it brought a huge smile to my heart. I was at an electronics market here and I got into the elevator to head to a lower floor. The elevator was especially big and there was a woman sitting against the wall. And I realized she had set up a little stand and was selling things. Even in the elevators you can buy stuff, unreal.

Two nights ago our power went off in the middle of the night. But that happens from time to time and I thought nothing of it. Well I thought a lot about it as the next day we still hadn’t gotten electricity back and discovered our water was not running either. 20 hours later we got electricity back! That was a slow, hot day (no air-conditioner). To be fair we got water after about 15 hours and that was a blessing.

Sorry this is so long… MY MOM FLIES IN TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. Matt shouts, “Heather, Steam some rice we got guests coming over!!!”

Till next time,
the petersons