December 24, 2009

Beijing Recap

Well today (Christmas Eve) we got back from our adventure in Beijing. It was a wonderful 4 day trip with our friends the Faillas. I had mentioned that we were going to take the overnight train (12 hours) and it turned out to be not too bad. To be honest it was kinda nostalgic to travel by train and I look forward to doing it more in the future. On our trip out however, Heather and I hardly slept, mainly because we were taking care of the girls through the night and early morning as well as our cabin being the hottest place on earth. Returning home last night was much more pleasant as we all slept pretty good.

With going to Beijing I think Heather and I looked forward most to eating out and enjoy some nice American pleasures we don’t get in Xian. And the food didn’t let us down one bit. We ate at; TGIF’s, Peter’s Tex-Mex, and finally Outback Steakhouse to celebrate our friend Chris’ birthday. I miss giant burgers that require two people to lift. And this trip allowed me to get a couple of those.

Also, Heather and I were able to get a couple small Christmas presents for the girls. We’re excited because we brought back a 5 foot tall white board/chalk board easel for the girls, as well as some art supplies and stuffed animals. Tomorrow we will have them open them and with all children, we’re looking forward to their reaction.

Outside of these highlights it was a blast to take Sydney swimming a few times at our hotel and to just get to enjoy being together as a family.

Thank you to all our family who helped make this Christmas present a reality. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to do it. We love you all!

The petersons