April 14, 2010

How to Help Orphans in China

I would like to help disabled orphans in China, wouldn’t you? It’s not easy to do that however, seeing as how China is on the other side of the world (got a shovel?). But I recently had an awesome opportunity to help disabled orphans in China and I would like to share it with you.

My tutor (who’s Chinese) spent two years working in an orphanage for disabled and handicapped kids. It’s his heart and passion to teach these kids music and to show them love. Many caregivers don’t take the time to love the kids, many times they just put them in front of the TV. This is what makes my friend unique, he wants to love these kids, spend time with them, teach them, and show others the value that these children have. But he can’t do it on his own.

After working in the orphanage for two years the organization that was funding him to do this work had to close down and as a result my friend could no longer work in this orphanage. He started tutoring foreigners in their Chinese and is working at starting his own organization to fund his work. It’s his desire to return to the orphanage to help these kids as well as hire other like-minded people to help him with this work.

A month or so before I was to return to the States he told me he had hundreds of cards; birthday cards, Christmas cards, and many others, made by these orphans (about forty orphans helped make them). He told me that they sold these cards to help these kids make some money. It got me thinking though (which is rare for me). I went back to my friend with this idea, that I would take his cards back to the States and sell them for him.

In China he was selling these cards for $.40 a piece, but I would like to sell them for $3 a piece (4 for $10) and donate the extra money to helping him start his organization.

Do you have someone you would like to send a “thank you” card too? A friend who needs an encouraging card? Or how about getting a jump on the Christmas season by getting some Christmas cards purchased? Well in the stores you will spend $4 on a card, why not save a little money and ensure that the sale of the card will go to something that matters like helping disabled orphans?

If you’re interested in purchasing some cards please write me at mattpeterson83@gmail.com. I would like to sell all of my 345 cards before returning to China. If I can, I think we can raise $1000!

Thanks for taking the time to read this email, tell your friends!

With love, joy and hope,
The petersons


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