April 17, 2010

My First Speaking Engagement About China

We made it to Minnesota! (more on that in a bit)

This week I (Matt) had my first speaking engagement about China. Now I know what you’re thinking, Matt, it was only a matter of time before the University of Minnesota would give you a call and have you speak. If you were thinking this, well, the U of M will have to wait, because my first speaking engagement actually came in the form of being a guest speaker for my little brother Aaron’s presentation about China to his 7th grade class. When Aaron asked me if I would consider sharing about China I was super stoked and glad to have the opportunity to be able to invest in the future generation (if only for 10 minutes and a short Q and A session). I shared about what life would look like for the average 7th grader in China and then many of them asked me questions for the Q and A time. It was a blast!

When my brother Aaron came home from school, I fished for compliments a bit by saying, “so I heard all the kids in your class loved me” (and then held my breath hoping for him to affirm my bold claim), to which he replied a lot of the kids did tell him that they enjoyed it. (I just let out a sigh of relief) Thanks for the opportunity to share Aaron!

We got here (Minnesota) a few days ago when my mom came out to South Dakota and picked us up. It was a fun road trip back with the girls being little angles (until the last few hours where we had to rely on DVD’s to keep our sanity). It’s great being here, I truly forget how beautiful Minnesota is. We’ll be here for the next couple weeks and returning after we have the baby.

Also, our little Aubrey has a case of the Chicken Pox. A couple weeks ago we brought her in for shots and are thinking that’s what caused her to get them. She’s doing well though, it’s a really mild case, which is nice and she seems to be almost done with them.

I’m still waiting to make my first sale of cards for the orphans. I just heard this morning from someone interested in buying some, so we’ll see!

With hope,
The petersons


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