December 31, 2011

Special Dates with the kids and Happy New Year’s

Well it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s pretty crazy to think last year at this time Heather and I had half as many kids! We feel incredibly blessed by all the gifts we’ve been given this year. Over the past couple weeks Heather and I have been taking the older kids out on one-on-one dates, here’s what they’ve looked like. And there are some funny stories at the end. I hope that you enjoy them!

The first girl that got a little date was Aubrey. Just before Christmas, Heather took her to Starbucks where they had muffins and coffee. Then they did a little shopping at a store called H and M. Aubrey held Heather’s cup of coffee as they shopped together and when Heather would hold up a shirt she liked Aubrey would say “oooo mommy I like it”. So cute!

Then earlier this week Heather took Lily on her own little date. For Lily’s date they took the subway, a favorite of Lily’s, to Burger King and had lunch. They also had some ice cream after lunch and finally on their way home they picked up Daddy some donuts, thanks girls!

Lastly, Sydney got to go on her little date. This time it was me (Matt) that took her. She wanted to go to Burger King and Dunkin Donuts, so that’s what we did. It was fun just getting out with Sydney and having some time together. On our way home we stopped to pick up some new kid’s movies. Tonight (New Year’s Eve) we’re gonna have a little family party of sorts and watch one of our new movies. It should be a blast!

Some kid’s stories:

A few nights before Christmas Sydney told us a story at bedtime (we were all taking turns telling our own stories). It was the story of Rapunzel, which she re-told really well, the only part that confused me was how in the end Rapunzel and the prince had a baby named Jesus. Then the second part of the story included many elements of the Christmas story. Oh and at one point when she was telling the story and it was a little scary she stopped herself to say “Sorry if my story is a little freaky.”

Also in the past week or so, I overheard Lily asking Ellie if she wanted a piggyback ride. Ellie responded by saying “bu piggy-back” (which is a mixture of English and Chinese meaning “I don’t want a piggy-back ride”).

I hope all of you had a good 2011 and let’s spread His love in 2012!

Much love,

the petersons

"With six kids this is how you have to hold them sometimes, two at a time."
"Ummm, I don't know what to tell you Mom."
"Two words- Christmas time."
"One of the many times Lily has given Ellie a piggie-back ride."


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