February 26, 2012

How Our Last Days Have Been

Well we’re in the last day of our five days without Heather.  We’ve had some ups and some downs.  First off, I’m continually grateful for the community of friends we have here in Xian.  Seriously, we couldn’t care for all these kids without their love and support.

I’ve mentioned in the past how people have reached out to help us and this week we saw some more of that.  Wednesday night a couple friends came over with one of their sons and brought with them dinner.  They let me sneak out for a few hours, which I was very grateful for.  The kids (Sydney, Lily and Aubrey) all started school this week (they go 9-12 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).  It would have been pretty crazy getting all six kids ready to go out in the cold to get the kids to and from school.  So it was nice when friends of ours helped me out by picking the kids up and dropping them off.

Friday afternoon another couple friends came by to help out with watching our kids.  Also, Chris had Sydney over to play with Joshua, which she always loves.  It was that day that I (Matt) started to feel not so good.  So I appreciated the help that they gave.

I didn’t sleep well that night and woke up Saturday still feeling a bit like death.  So I made an executive decision and made Saturday a movie day.  The three days before that I didn’t turn the TV on once for the kids, I know, jewels in my crown.

However, that night I made one critical error.  Wanting to be the fun parent; I gave the kids some chocolate.  The problem was that I forgot it was almost bedtime and that they had spent a large portion of the day watching movies (meaning they weren't running around burning off energy).  I realized my error as I sat helplessly on the couch and watched Sammie, in only his diaper, spin for five consecutive minutes shouting/singing “do do do da Dora” over and over.  I don’t recall him even stopping to breath.

Heather gets back tonight and we’re all looking forward to seeing her and hearing about her time.  I expect today to go smoothly, for our time to end well.  I've felt this way before and it didn't turn out so well, so we'll see.

much love,
The petersons


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