February 24, 2012

101 Ideas To Blog About

Here’s a list of 101 ideas for you to blog about.  There are times when it can be tough to find something to write about; so I hope this list helps.  Share it, bookmark it, and come back to it anytime you need inspiration or an idea to blog about (I know I will.)  Hope you enjoy!

1. Your favorite place to blog/write
4. Write a review of your favorite blog
5. Write a book review
6. The most impactful book you’ve read
7. A list of your favorite books
8. One embarrassing moment. Yikes!
10. One photo from your day with a caption
11. A pet peeve of yours that you experienced recently
12. Write about a hobby of yours
13. Tell us about something no one else knows
14. A list of all the things you’re grateful for
15. A Bucket list
16. A favorite moment from your day
17. A not-so-favorite moment from your day
18. About the first car you ever owned
19. Finish this sentence “If you really knew me, you would know ___”
20. When you first moved out of your parent’s house
21. A favorite movie
22. A list of your favorite movies
23. A movie review
24. A list of your favorite blogs
25. Things you like about Facebook
26. Things you don’t like about Facebook
27. Things you like about Twitter
28. Things you don’t like about Twitter
29. The most useful websites you use
30. Most common place you sit down to blog/write
31. Your best parenting advice
32. Your best marriage advice
34. Ten things you want your spouse to know
35. Write about the community you live in
36. Write about a charity you like and why
37. Write about one thing you don’t understand
38. Learn about one thing you don’t understand and share it with us
40. A list of people you would like to meet
41. Your favorite quotes
42. Your favorite thing to do with your kids
43. Your favorite date spot
45. One regret
46. One fear
47. One way you want to grow
48. One thing you wish you did really well
49. Your favorite time wasters
50. Your least favorite daily activities
51. Your top ten list of places you want to go
52. Your goals for the year
53. Reasons you blog
54. One thing that you won in your life
55. Things you would do with $1,000,000
56. Ten posts you have in draft mode
57. When you feel frustrated
58. How you blog
59. Your blogging tips
60. A funny story from your day
61. A list of your favorite songs
62. Least favorite thing to do with your kids
63. How you relax
64. Things you like about where you live
65. Things you don’t like about where you live
66. Favorite book as a kid
67. Give something away
68. Give tips and advice about something you know
69. Favorite part of your day
70. Least favorite part of your day
73. Ten things every blog should have
74. A list of your pet peeves
75. Things you want to do tomorrow
76. 25 things about you
77. Things you can do to serve your community
78. Things your family can do to serve your community
79. A thank you letter to your readers
80. A story about your favorite Christmas gift
81. Something you want to give your children
82. Why blog stats are important
83. Why blog stats aren’t important
84. Your goals for your blog
85. Write about being a good friend
86. Write about sharing your time, money, and abilities
87. The person who had the biggest impact on your life
88. How you would like to be remembered
89. An open letter to your readers asking them what they want you to write
90. A list of people that inspire you
91. Your favorite verse in the Bible and why
92. Favorite TV shows
93. TV shows you hate
94. I don’t get it; write about something that you think is over-hyped
95. Favorite purchase
96. Worst purchase
97. The best life advice you ever got
98. Write about your hopes, dreams and passions in life
99. Something that angers you
100. A post linking to this list for your readers :)

Which one is your favorite?  Which one will you blog about next time you’re stuck?

much love,
the petersons


  1. Anonymous29.2.12

    They are all cute as usual. My favorite was the American Gothic..cute! Sue

    1. Thank you, I liked that one too. I wasn't sure if anyone would like that one, so it's nice to hear. (The photos are here http://petersonchina.blogspot.com/2012/02/kids-and-genghis-khan.html)