March 23, 2012

3000 Friends For Gus Fundraiser

I’ve been absolutely blown away by the generosity of this community in the past.  And today I want to draw your attention once more to a situation that you can help in a very simple and practical way.

A week or so ago my wife told me about a family raising money to adopt a little child from China who’s been diagnosed with pygmyism; this is a disability that is similar to dwarfism.  Heather than told me that they were raising money for their adoption by running a fundraiser aimed at getting 3000 people to donate $10 (Called 3000 friends for Gus).  This family, this boy, this situation, all stuck with me for the next few days.  As many of you already know, adoption has been and continues to become an important part of Heather and I’s life.  I love that this family (who have adopted four kids already) is willing to care for one more little one; a boy who’s disabled and in desperate need (as we all are) of a place to belong, of a place to be loved and of a place to be cared for.  I want to help Gus and his forever family meet.

So I wrote Jodi, whose family wants to adopt this little boy, and asked if we could promote them on our site and she agreed.

So I want to say two things about this.

The first is that I love adoption. It’s an incredible way to make a HUGE difference in someone’s life.  You and I can’t adopt Gus, but we can help this family adopt him.

The second is that this family has made it very easy for us to be part of this.  All we need to do to help this boy and this family is donate $10 (or two coffees from Starbucks, if that) and you can even use your Paypal account to do it.  This is a very real need; and a very achievable way to be part of the solution.

If you’re interested in making a $10 donation; head over to their site, by clicking here.  Check out the top right corner of their blog and you will see two fundraisers they are running.  Feel free to participate in either of them (the other one is buying jewelry with a portion of the sales going to help Gus’s adoption).  DO NOT donate on our blog.

Thanks everyone in advance for your donations and prayers for this family.

much love,
the petersons

If you wanna help Gus even more you can “Like” this at the bottom of this post to help spread the word, or post a link to their blog.


  1. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. No worries Yamid. I know this is your heart, so I'm glad to get to share it! -Matt