March 30, 2012

The Best Marriage Advice

The best marriage advice I ever got.  Ready?

Take out a pen and two pieces of paper. 
With the first piece of paper write at the top 5 things my spouse could do to improve our marriage.
And then write down the 5 things they could do better in, grow in, or just flat out change.
Then with your second piece of paper write at the top 5 things I can do to improve my marriage. 
And then write down 5 things you could do better at, grow in, or just flat out change to make your marriage better. 

Ok, are you done? 

Now take the list you made about your spouse and throw it away.  That’s right, throw it away. 

Because a good marriage starts with us.  It starts when we decide to love our spouse more than ourselves.  Not when we try to change them.  Not when we complain about their faults.  And not when we hold onto unforgiveness.

We need to let our love become others-centered, not self-centered.

Tough huh?  How can you love your spouse today?

much love,
the petersons


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