March 29, 2012

Pictures From Our Walk Around Xian China

I posted pictures recently of some food I saw while on a walk with my boys.  Well a couple weeks ago I took Ellie and Sammie for a walk; here are some pictures of our time together.

"Here's a subway stop we walk past that is near our home."

"This is the all seeing eye searching for "one ring to rule them all"."

"This is a water fountain that we've made some fun memories at before."

"Did Colonel Sanders know his chicken would be world-famous?"

"Ellie looking happy as we eat chicken nuggets and fries."

"Sammie kept semi-yelling.  I kept telling him "be quite".

"It was while I was taking these photos that I had this realization sweep over me; I'm taking these photos for someone else, their forever family.  So I snapped on."

"It was while I was taking these photos that a kind KFC employee informed me that it was against rules (or policy) to take pictures in KFC."

"It was a mere few minutes later that I shifted the stroller next to me and took one more photo; this one of Ellie coming down the slide."

What's your favorite picture?

much love,
the petersons


  1. We were also stopped from taking pictures in McDonalds in China.....why is that??

    1. I'm not entirely sure as to why they would be against it. I would imagine that they are maybe suspicious of our intentions, but that's the only guess I have.

  2. yes, we were stopped as well...KFC and WalMart. I supposed the weird looking foreigners with Chinese children don't look very trustworthy. Maybe somewhere, hidden beneath the slide is the Colonel's secret recipe? One never knows. It's China :) I was wondering what part of the chicken was in your nuggets ;) Whatever we ordered (we speak NO Chinese and had no guide with us) was spicer than the enemy's eternal home! I couldn't even get halfway through it. it was a nice meal of french fries for me! :) Oh the memories!

    1. Some of the stuff is really spicy. But the fries are always a safe bet. Thanks for stopping by!