March 31, 2012

Places To Eat In Xian China

When I was on that walk with Ellie and Sammie the other day. I also snapped a bunch of pictures of places to eat around Xian. So here's a bunch of western places to eat at. Enjoy!

"I doubt any of you have seen this coffee shop.  In English it's called Starbucks, I think."

"I have no idea how anyone affords the ice cream here, seriously."

"Someday, when I'm a better photographer, I will make sure that you can't see me in the reflection of a glass door."

"Walmart has honey on sale for only 42.9RMB!"

"Dunkin Donuts anyone?"

"I was kinda yelled at for taking this photo inside a Dairy Queen."

"I was also told inside here that I couldn't take photos.  Yikes."

"A favorite date spot, even on anniversaries."

"Not in the mood for Western food, well, how about "The famous snacks of China?!" 

Not pictured, Papa John's and Burger King.

That's some places you can eat at when you come visit us!  What's your favorite restaurant that you would  be missing here in China?

much love,
the petersons

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  1. Ah, this post brings back so many memories! I remember seeing a "KLC" in Asia once, though I'm not sure how its food compared to its KFC counterpart.