March 18, 2012

Pictures At The Park

I mentioned in a post earlier this week that we got the girls scooters.  Here are some photos of our time enjoying scooters and our park with a few extra photos thrown in.  I hope you enjoy!

"Our oldest looking pretty with her brand new scooter.  She loves this thing." 

"Lily pretending to be blind and reaching out for me.  I'm not joking." 

"I know I'm raising girls and here's a good example.  Aubrey picked her scooter up and pretended it was a baby.  Yes, a baby.  Lily was also pretending her scooter was a baby.  Caleb better be chasing down some bad guys or something tough when he's old enough to ride a scooter." 

"Photo shoot with the kids.  I think 1 out of 6 kids looking at the camera isn't that bad.  Thanks Sydney for looking at the camera."

"Caleb sees his opportunity and takes off during the photo shoot.  I would too Caleb... I would too." 


"My wife looking so beautiful." 

"Love this picture of the boys.  Hanging out on the steps." 

"My wife took this picture of a homeless man at the park.  You may remember him from this post.

(Heather took this one)
"Really Heather, your daughter is crying and you take a picture?"
"Really Matt, your daughter is crying and you post this picture?"
For the record, I'm sure she was fine.

 "Heather and Sammie were spending some time together when Heather snapped this one of Sammie pointing out the window."

"This picture makes me laugh and want to go wake Sammie up to hug and kiss him.  I think that would maybe freak him out though." 

"So cute!  (Maybe he's also pretending to be blind.)  Gosh, hold on, I'm gonna go hug and kiss him." 

Which one was your favorite?  Comment below.

much love,
the petersons

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Wow!! Thanks for your comment on my blog. You certainly are a unique and special family :) Cheers!

    1. No problem Myra! Thanks for stopping by. -Matt

  2. Omigoodness! You have a beautiful busy crew! :)

    1. Thank you so much! They sure are a handful, but a fun handful that's for sure. -Matt

  3. ohh my goodness - I can't choose just one! Your kiddo's are adorable! But I must say Sammy's little grin is killer!!! :)

    1. Thanks Jodi! Sammie's grin is a good one! He will win some people over with it in his lifetime, I'm sure of it :) -Matt

  4. just popped by to take a gander at your the family pics! Looks like you all are enjoying the great outdoors in China! -

    1. Thanks for stopping by John! Yeah, the weather has been nice lately and we have been enjoying the great China outdoors. -Matt

  5. Anonymous12.4.12

    Scooters are big fun! Beautiful family!

    1. Scooters are tons of fun! We've already enjoyed them so much! Thank you for your comment. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. -Matt