March 17, 2012

Pictures Of Life In China

A couple weeks ago I went out with nothing but a camera and couple of kids.  I've since done this a couple more times.  I wanted to take some pictures that show a bit of culture, a bit of the area and gave a little glimpse into our lives here.  Here's what I ended up with.

"It's very common to see this kind of decorative statue around the city.  This one is in front of a pharmacy."

"Here's a good friend of mine Wang Xu, just kidding, it's just a creepy statue in front of a restaurant."

"Vegetables a HUGE part of the Chinese diet and culture.  Here are some that were for sale piled up on the back of a three wheeled bike."

"A stack of eggs.  Very important to the Chinese diet.  It weirded me out at first that they didn't refrigerate eggs.  Now it might weird me out to think of having to put these in the fridge.

"It's super common to find exercise equipment like this in apartment complexes and parks.  Exercise and health are very important to Chinese people."

"This is an ancient medieval torture device.  That or else it's used to make some sort of soup."

"I tried to capture the many neon signs that line most streets.  But it's hard to get that from this picture."

"When a business opens they line the entrance to their door with flowers like this and set off fireworks."

"Vegetables.  Before moving to China I would never have eaten any of these.  Now there are at least two of these that I would."

"Money.  Here's the largest Chinese dollar, 100 RMB the equivalent of $15 or so dollars.  This is becoming a larger part of the culture."

So those are my pictures.  Hope you enjoyed.  Any favorites?

much love,
the petersons


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  2. Why don't they refrigerate eggs? Or perhaps I should be asking why do WE refrigerate ours? Hmmmmm. These pictures make me actually miss China. There was a time I never thought I would say that! Wow.

    1. I have no idea why they don't. Thanks for stopping by Holly! -Matt