May 7, 2012

Our Time At The Hot Springs In China

Like I said yesterday, Heather started to feel sick with a bug by the second day of our trip and spent most of the time in our room. That same day the girls and I went with a bunch of our friends to a hot springs near the hotel. We got there in the first van load and after spending ten or so minutes working out the cost I headed into the changing room. I had my board shorts on and was ready to conquer the hot springs, but was greeted by an employee who told me I needed to wear different shorts. He showed the ‘appropriate’ swim wear needed Speedos. I frantically grasped at my limited Chinese to persuade otherwise, but a few minutes later found myself donning the ‘appropriate’ swim wear.

My friend, Jeremy, and I were both sucked into this and to our dismay the folks that took the second van ride over wore their own shorts after pretending not to speak Chinese. Well played.

I was SUPER proud of my daughter Sydney. When we were at the hot springs she went down the big slide all by herself TWICE! (Picture the big yellow State Fair slide in water park form.) So brave!

I will end this post with one funny story from our hot springs trip. When we made our way back to the kid’s part of the pool my girls all were so excited. In the center of the kids part was a large jungle gym that had water spraying out of it and multiple water slides. All the girls quickly went up the stairs. Sydney and Lily came down the slides first; happy as could be. Aubrey... Not so much. She was stuck at the top of the jungle gym semi-freaking out. She hates having water poured over her head; so as water rained down on her she was not happy. Then to my shocked surprise a huge bucket of water that was filling with water that was just above her tipped and dumped water everywhere. I tried to reason with her to come down the slide, but was unsuccessful. In the end I was forced to climb a torturous monkey bar staircase that was more than likely designed by Satan, in my Speedos, to the top of the jungle gym to rescue my little girl. We came down the slide together and my friend Jeremy laughed the entire time at the bottom. It was funny and he had every right to laugh at me.

That’s it.

much love,
the petersons


  1. Wow! what an adventure! lol

  2. What no pictures? Now THAT would have been a Sunday Snapshot winner for real! :) hahahahahahaha :) Sorry Heather wasn't feeling well. You totally should have played the dumb American card. too bad! :)

  3. yah, interesting that there were no speedo pictures. Selective.

  4. Very selective! Blogger would kick me off if I had posted it!