May 6, 2012

Our Time Near The Mountains

Well a lot has happened this past week. So please allow me a minute to catch you up.

If you remember last year we got to met with some of our friends in Xining and had an incredible time (minus our trip home!) Well this year some friends of ours came to Xian for a little get together. So this past Tuesday our family (minus Sammie and Ellie) headed to a hotel near the mountains for a special time together. We are incredibly blessed to have some good friends here (Rick and Cheryl) who took care of Sammie and Ellie for us for the two nights we were away. Thanks guys!

I was surprised  because when we arrived we were kinda expecting a rustic environment (similar to our time last year), but instead we got a nice hotel room. I felt silly having packed three sleeping bags. The time was good, being together with other foreigners that can relate to us. The kids also have a good time playing with other kids their age. They had a blast running around the hotel with their friends.

One super cute moment was during the second day when the kids all performed a few songs for the parents. Aubrey danced most of the time and Lily and Sydney also got into it. I'm so proud of all my little performers!

By the second day Heather started to not feel so well (and both Ellie and Sammie were not doing so well with our friends) so that was a bummer. We (the girls and I) did manage to go to a hot springs though and I was forced to wear speedos… I started writing about it and realized it was a post in itself so you will need to come back tomorrow to read about it.

In the end it was a refreshing time with our friends and very encouraging!

After our time at the hotel, I, too, started feeling pretty sick. It was my birthday, which was not fun. But my sickness couldn't stop me from turning 29! And here’s to another year of life!

Come back tomorrow, you won’t be disappointed.
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