May 15, 2012

Sydney Loses A Tooth

So last week I didn’t get to mention some little news from our big girl Sydney. She lost her first tooth! I would say it was a few weeks ago that Sydney first started to complain about “something” behind her front bottom tooth. I told her it was probably food or something and to not worry about it. Later when Sydney complained again about “something” behind her tooth, Heather (the loving and caring parent of our duo), discovered that Sydney had a new tooth coming in with the baby one still in there. That’s when we discovered as well that the tooth was quite loose.

When we were on our little getaway near the mountains a friend of ours, Sarah, told Sydney to pull the baby tooth out. Sydney reached in and pulled it out! She was pretty excited!

A few days later she went to bed with the tooth under her pillow and the Chinese tooth fairy (like the American tooth fairy, but speaks only in Chinese) showed up and left a stack of one Yuans under Sydney’s pillow (13 of them to be exact).

It was a fun memory for all of us.

much love,
the petersons

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